Learn The Essential Resilience Skills

For Survival And Everyday Life. 

Become focused, empowered and connected on a primal level.

The World Has Changed

But our minds and bodies remain the same as they have for millennia .

Do you know your mind? Are you in control of your basic needs?

The 21st Century has brought us more comfort and convenience than ever before in human history.

But despite all the comforts it offers, modern life is confronting our primal brains with unique problems it has not evolved to face.

We rely on complex systems to provide our basic survival needs, making us vulnerable in crisis.

Mental health is at an all time low and we are living beyond the means of the planet.

Technology is encroaching ever more into our lives, distracting us from what’s important.

This might sound like doom and gloom, but what if there was a way to train resilience against these challenges while having fun in the process?

What if there was a way to cut out all the BS of modern life, simplify what you actually need and learn to be a self-reliant, forest ninja?

If any of the below resonates with you, then this course is for you:

  • You feel like technology causes distractions, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • You want the ability to look after yourself for multiple days in the wild.

  • You want to learn practical survival skills and build resilience for everyday life.

  • You want to build functional, full-body strength.

  • You want to connect with nature and how our ancestors lived. 

  • You want to find the Flow in the every day and alleviate anxiety.

  • You want to capture creative ideas and turn inspiration into a purposeful path.

  • You're looking for a tribe of like-minded people with whom you can share your experiences.

If so let me tell you more...

Learn the principles to take ownership of your destiny

Ground yourself in the foundations of human resilience.

Hey, I'm Tom

I’m a lifelong wilderness enthusiast, best known from my Youtube channel “Fandabi Dozi”.

I’m here to help you regain your attention from modern distractions, reconnect with your natural roots and gain control of your basic needs to nurture a sustainable future for yourself. All with a smile on your face.

I have the same brain as you. And I'm vulnerable to the same challenges.

The first year I became a full time YouTuber was also the worst year of my life for my mental health.

The same technology that was allowing me to follow my dream was also causing me to suffer.

I felt so much better when I was living simply in the woods, without phone signal but I knew I couldn't hide in the wild forever. I had to find balance...

What can we do?

99% of People have their prioritises all wrong.

How to focus, become resilient and reconnect in the 21st century.

The trap is believing that seeking out more comfort and convenience will make you happier. It will not.

The human mind is a problem-solving machine and no matter how much it achieves it is always looking for the next problem to worry about.

Comfort is relative and it must be balanced with voluntary hardship for us to be grateful for it.

The answer is not to go back the stone age or to run away from the challenges of modern life.

You have to keep your feet in both worlds. 

One foot in the “wild and simple”

and the other

in the “civilised and complex.”

By keeping “one foot in the dirt” with regular uncomfortable experiences like getting cold, wet, hungry, being in solitude and sleeping out with minimal equipment, we strengthen our mind, body and spirit and become so grateful for the everyday conveniences of modern life.

Here's What I do:

  • I limit my time using technology and put in daily measures to make sure I’m using it to benefit me and not the other way around.

  • I journal every day to regain focus, capture ideas and inspiration. This has been the most important tool enabling me to build a business around what I love and create a life I want to live.

  • I block out time dedicated to being in nature, away from technology to practice basic survival skills and to find stillness of mind.

  • I practice various fun fitness and martial art training exercises to channel my anxiety into flow.

  • I spend multiple days a month in the wilderness, living from a simple backpack, adventuring in the wild, reconnecting with the land and my ancestors to nurture my spirit and train primal self-reliance skills.

  • When I return to the modern world, I feel grounded and grateful, able to enjoy stress-free time with my friends and family.

I want to teach you how to do the same.

All I have learned has taken decades of research, trial and error. So I have created a method of learning to get you on the path much faster than I did.

I want to teach you how to be self-reliant at the most primal level in your basic human needs. To me, self-reliance is ultimately self-empowerment and self-empowerment is not waiting and hoping that things will change from the top down.

It’s about taking actionable steps today in the things you actually have control over.

Therefore, this method of learning could be started today, anywhere in the world, using the equipment you have to hand right now.

Ready to begin?

 I would highly recommend you check out Tom’s content if you’re interested bushcraft or if you would like to experience the outdoors from a different perspective. 

Stepping away from many of our modern comforts really takes us back to a simpler level and allows us to focus on being part of the natural world rather than just journeying through it.''

Paul Turner

Resilient Roots - Survival Training for the Art of Living

A growing library of over 90 value packed videos.

  • 90+ easy to follow videos giving you a step by step guide to become a forest ninja!

  • Clear and instructive video modules you can go through at your own pace to complete in your own time.

  • Get support from the Resilient Roots tribe from all around the world.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all updates, course upgrades, and content we add over time.

What's Inside

Ground yourself in the principles of human resilience

A practical approach to find the flow in everyday life.

Here is everything you learn when you enroll in “Resilient Roots: Survival Skills for the Art of Living”:

1) Learn wilderness survival skills. Become self-empowered at a primal level.

True self-reliance starts with learning how to live from a manageable rucksack of equipment, in your local environment. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

  • Learn the essential survival mentality and how to apply it to the short to long term.

  • Take control of your basic needs from the clothes you wear everyday, to what you put in your pockets.

  • Be able to simplify what you actually need in life to a small, lightweight rucksack, improvised from everyday household items. Knowing that at any time you could just grab your bag and go.

  • Follow step by step, practical survival skills that anyone could start training at home, today. Moving from beginner to advanced, accompanied with a psychological and philosophical framework.

  • Become like a stealthy “forest ninja”, able to travel and camp wherever you please, without leaving a trace on the land.

  • Feel connected with your natural roots and your ancestors through timeless survival skills.

By the End of The Course

You will have the ability to look after yourself for multiple days in the wild with a manageable rucksack (resilience ruck!). This essential survival mindset can be applied to the long term, resilient life.

2) Harness anxiety into Flow - Gain martial art and hunter gatherer fitness

Anxiety is a motivational emotion, it’s a hard-wired response from the “sympathetic nervous system”, better known as the “fight or flight” response.

We can’t be completely free from anxiety, but we can learn to channel it with simple, accessible exercises into the ultimate state of human performance - "Flow".

  • Learn the 3 principles of Flow and how we can apply them to movement and to life.

  • Train in the basics of stick fighting with fun solo and partner exercises.

  • Feel the flow with staff spins and movement that will help build functional strength and focus your mind and body.

  • Learn simple methods of managing anxiety in the modern day.

  • Gain hunter-gatherer fitness through “Rucking” exercises, moving from beginner to advanced.

By the End of The Course

You will be empowered with a series of training methods to strengthen your mind and body and feel the flow in everyday life.

3) Channel Your Attention to Purpose- Become Focused on your path

Our time and attention are ultimately all we have in life and the most important question is:

Are we spending our time and attention on things that are serving and nourishing our lives?

Or are we giving away our most important resource without even knowing it?

  • Understand how your brain is wired and how technology can hijack our primal instincts.

  • Gain techniques to free yourself from the grasp of technology and harness its power so you control it and it doesn't control you.

  • Learn how to develop presence and cultivate a practice of mindfulness that will bring meaning to everyday experiences.

  • Learn my personal journaling system to best capture creativity, inspiration, and ideas. (Where every one of my business and creative ideas for my YouTube channel have come from.)

By the End of The Course

You will feel confident that you can control your attention and steer it towards things that nurture you. You will be able to focus on your own unique path - the one that calls you forward to adventure.

Resilient Roots Learning Journey

To help you navigate this course of over 60 in depth video lessons, I have created a map called The Tree of Needs. This will be your companion through each step of your journey.

Beginning Our Journey

  • Understanding The Human Animal

  • Safeguard Your Attention from Technology

  • Cultivate The will To live

  • Discover how you learn

  • Starting a journal

Dirt Survival - Mindset

  • Learn the essential Mindset and Survival Priorities

  • Survival Terminology & Core Values

  • Planning for emergencies

  • Wilderness skill comfort zones

Dirt Survival - Equipment

  • Clothing & Footwear

  • Building Your Resilience Ruck

  • Water, food & brew kit

  • Dealing with biting bugs and insects

Dirt Survival In Practice

  • Choosing a camp spot

  • How to use survival tools

  • Creating shelters

  • Sourcing water and food

  • Leave no trace fires

  • Navigation

  • Much much more...

Root Security & Braches of Belonging

  • Stick fighting & staff flow basics

  • Rucking exercises

  • Social” – Searching for a nurturing tribe

  • “Land and Place” – How to feel belonging to the land- ancestral wisdom

Sky Awareness & Fruits of Self-Esteem (Coming soon)

  • Methods of feeling the stillness where ever you are.

  • Using “The Tree of Needs” map to navigate the everyday. 

  • “Service” – Being useful

  • “Acceptance” – The subtle art of acceptance



Resilient Roots Bonuses

  • Private Community: Join the tribe and get all your questions answered so you are never second guessing or wasting time!

  • Customized Course: The course will be built around your specific needs. Give your feedback and tell me what you would like to see more of.

Instant access to ALL the content (including new resources, downloads, and trainings, FOR LIFE!

Resilient Roots

Survival Training for the Art of Living


  • Learn the essential survival mentality and how to apply it to the short to long term.

  • Become like a stealthy “forest ninja”, able to travel and camp wherever you please, without leaving a trace on the land

  • Learn the principles of Flow and how we can apply them to movement to build functional strength and focus your mind and body.

  • Gain techniques to free yourself from the grasp of technology and harness its power so you control it and it doesn't control you.

  • Bonus Private Community: Join the tribe and get all your questions answered so you are never second guessing or wasting time!

  • Bonus Customized Course: The course will be built around your specific needs. Give your feedback and tell me what you would like to see more of.

"Tom has the ability to simplify ideas and structure lessons to make them easy to understand.

Anyone interested in a different relationship with nature, their surroundings, and how we interact with it will gain a lot of value from Tom. 

He helped me find the joy in simplifying my life. ''

Jason Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this program for?

Do I need to be a wilderness expert to enrol in Resilient Roots?

No you don’t. This course is aimed at every level. We will give you everything you need to get you started and point you in the direction of the equipment for any budget.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

You will have life time access to the course. We already have over 100 video lessons included in the course curriculum.

I live in a city, is this course for me?

I have designed this course so it can be practiced from anywhere in the world. If you have access to a garden or city park you will be able to take part in the majority of the practical lessons.

You will build the skills, learn the philosophy and mindset before you need to venture into the wilderness.

Through this course you will learn how to deal with the distractions of the modern world and keep one foot in the dirt no matter where you are.

I don’t have any equipment or a big budget

Although good kit is important, survival is about improvisation.

So if you don’t have/can’t afford some items then improvise with what you have.

Focus on what the tool does and achieves rather than on the specific brands.

I don’t know if I have the time for this course

Then you might just need this course the most.

What are you spending your time on and is it a good use of your time?

Do you spend more than an hour a day watching TV or mindlessly scrolling social media?

Remember, your attention is your most valuable resource, where are you spending it?

Can I really learn all of these skills through an online course?

Yes you can!

In an ideal world I would be able to teach this course to you 1 to 1 out in nature.

However, that is just not realistic as most of my audience aren't based in Scotland, not to mention it would take weeks to cover everything in the curriculum.

While working through the online lessons I do encourage you to take notes in your journal so you can get away from technology and out into nature to practise the exercises.

Can't I learn all of this on Youtube?

Youtube is a fantastic resource with more free tutorials than any individual is capable of watching.

Don't worry I will still be making monthly Youtube videos.

But with Youtube my content needs to be geared towards entertainment 1st and education 2nd. I can't teach everything there.

You also won't get a step by step guide designed to help you truly learn the skills, what actions to take and in what order.

Plus, what is your time worth?

This program will save you months of frustrated time searching for answers, taking actions out of sequence and only finding partial answers.

These are skills and practices I have developed over 15 years.

Learned through my travels, books, in-person courses, countless survival expeditions and hundreds of YouTube videos all distilled into an actionable course.

Resilient Roots is designed to give you all the skills to survival 21st century much quicker than trying to learn through YouTube.

I’m legally not allowed in the wild.

I won’t encourage you to break the law. But I will teach you how to be a forest ninja so you won’t leave any trace, nobody will know you were ever there. ;)

We teach skills that you can practice at home, in a garden or local park. The majority of these skills don’t need a wild area to be practiced.

I’m out of shape. I’m not fit enough to do this.

Physical fitness is important. That’s why we have included martial arts, staff flow exercises, rucking and functional workouts.

The course will show you why we need to move our bodies and the fundamental ways that you can become physically resilient from the feet up.

Don’t worry though, these can all be practised at any fitness level with various degrees of difficulty!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! Resilient Roots has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED by the Resilient Roots Curriculum, then contact us within 7 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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